Andrew Barnett

Executive VP Of Corp Development
Mr. Barnett has served as executive vice president of corporate development of Accountable Healthcare America (“AHA”) since inception and currently serves in the same capacity for Clinigence Holdings since the merger of AHA and Clinigence in 2021. Throughout his career, Mr. Barnett has been engaged in various aspects of the health care industries. Mr. Barnett founded and served as Vice President of Corporate Development of Dental Partners, Inc., a dental practice management company. At Dental Partners, he was responsible for establishing a $15 million bank line of credit, closing on $30 million of dental practice acquisitions, and selling the company. At Trident, a physician practice management company, Mr. Barnett assisted in raising over $20 million through a private placement and assisted in $60 million of acquisitions. Prior to Trident, Mr. Barnett served as Executive Vice President, Director, and was a Founder of Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. (METCARE) where he was involved in raising capital, all of the acquisitions and the Company’s initial public offering onto NASDAQ. Metcare acquired Continucare and then sold to Humana for approx. $850m. Mr. Barnett received a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Andrew Barnett - Accountable Healthcare America