Michael Bowen

CFO of a predecessor company since May 2008 and former investment banker and consultant with firms such as Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers.

Mr. Bowen has served as the Chief Financial Officer of a predecessor company since May 2008. Mr. Bowen has spent many years as an investment banker and consultant to small businesses. He began his career with Goldman Sachs in New York and specialized in IPO financing. Later, he moved to Tokyo to help establish the Japan office for Goldman. He subsequently worked for Salomon Brothers, where he participated in the opening of the Hong Kong office and Chase Manhattan Limited in London where he managed Chase’s International Capital Markets business worldwide. Subsequent to Chase, Mr. Bowen owned and operated a small business consulting firm starting in the United Kingdom and then in the US. From 2006 through 2008 he served as the Chief Operating Officer of Tru Bamboo, Inc., a manufacturer of house wares, where he was primarily responsible for the installation of all new accounting, MIS, warehouse management and shipping software. From 2003 through 2005 he served as an investment manager for Palm Beach Investment Advisors. Mr. Bowen received a MBA in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia.

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